Kaidan's Recruitment Mission

Kaidan's recruitment mission has been added in this new update, together with some other alchemist features for you to enjoy! 

New Features 

  • All your discovered alchemy recipes are now neatly stored in a book where you can access them at any time
  • Each potion recipe now has up to four challenges that require you to be more delicate in how you mix the potion

New Content

  • Kaidan's recruitment mission
  • Added 1 new potion


  • The vignette has been adjusted after popular demand so it obscures less of the background
  • The game autosaves slightly more often
  • When a location on the map has multiple options, you can now select which option you want before leaving the map
  • During the alchemy tutorial, you are now told which potion you are about to make before you choose to hand it over

Bug fixes

  • General improvements of grammar and spelling of the script
  • Fixed a bug where images would reappear and become persist after loading a save file
  • Fixed a bug where the cursor wasn't reset if holding a ingredient when leaving the alchemy table 
  • Fixed a bug where the recipe pages for the alchemy tutorial would get stuck after flipping between them
  • Fixed a bug where the mouse over indicator would get stuck for one of the wheels in the alchemy table
  • Fixed a bug where long dialog text would not get resized correctly to fit inside the dialog box.
  • Fixed an issue with placing ingredients into the alchemy table
  • Fixed an issue that caused played audio to sometimes be delayed
  • Fixed an issue that caused saved files to increase in size with every save
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused some choice options not to appear, if the list was longer than four


Arcadia Fallen Demo
Jul 01, 2020
Arcadia Fallen Demo
Jul 01, 2020
Arcadia Fallen Demo
May 16, 2019

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