Update 1.1 is now LIVE

Hi everyone!

We just released the first major update for Arcadia Fallen! —Please read below for the full details

New Content


Mette has springled the game with more than 50 new lines and reactions from characters as you progress through the story that are triggered by the choices and friendships you make along the way, to make every playthrough even more special and unique, and provide a welcome freshness to anyone who were to replay the game in the future.

Voice Over

A few previously unused voice over clips for Rune and Ann have also been introduced to the game.

New Features

Text Log

The game now has a text log that tracks the latest up to 100 entries of dialogue and choices! It remembers the tone-label of choices and the pose and expressions of characters. From the text log, players will also be able to replay the voice over of previously spoken lines.

Ascend Outfit Color

Players can now select a second color for their outfit. For the long masculine hairstyle, the second outfit color also changes the color of the hairtie. All players with an existing playthrough will be able to change their outfit colors from the options menu.



Volatile Ingredient and Empowered Ingredient texts now appear with the exact same shimmering colors in tutorial text as the orbs in the table, to better connect the terms to their respective elements in the alchemy table.

When a mixture explodes, the ingredients that caused the explosion will now flare up before it happens, making it less abrupt while also giving players a better indication of what caused the explosion.

A bookmark has been added to the alchemy book, which gives access to previous tutorials and allows players to read up on new rules for the alchemy minigame after they have become more familiar with them.

Safe Puzzle

Players who are having trouble with the safe puzzle can now call on Ann for assistance.


An option to show subtitles for the intro video has been added.

Other Changes


Audio levels have been adjusted throughout the game. Most prominently, voice over volume for Mime, Morgan, Quinn, and Ronan has been adjusted to make voice over volume significantly more even.


Controller glyphs are now displayed for PC, similar to how they are displayed for Nintendo Switch, and supports all Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox controllers. Glyphs will also be displayed for some keyboard and mouse controls, such as the controls for turning wheels counterclockwise.

Touch controls have been improved throughout the game.

An option to adjust the auto-advance speed of unspoken dialogue has been added to better accommodate different reading speeds.


Players can now see the most prominent personality traits their character picks up throughout their journey in the save file preview, to give players a better overview of their playthroughs.

The alchemy book now sports a new blue color to make it slightly different from the save files book.

When accessing the companion menu through the game menu, players will now be able to scroll through past entries for every companion.

The selection indicator for the map has been improved with white outline to make it easier to tell which location is selected while using a controller or keyboard controls.

Error Fixes

Fixed an issue where Goldner's dialogue portrait was being displayed too low on the screen.

Fixed an issue where the close animation for the alchemy book could play twice.

Fixed an issue where a few voice over clips would not be played properly.

Fixed an issue where saving right when the screen had faded to white or black during a scene could cause the scene to not play correctly after being loaded.

Fixed an issue where the parallax effect for the background image would not scroll correctly.

If you experience any other issues, please don't hesitate to let us know on our Discord server! 🧡


The Galdra Team


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Jul 23, 2022
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Jul 23, 2022

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you guys are awesome :) i didn't even realize this game would get any post-launch updates. i've already beaten it four times, but i might have to do another run now lol. good luck to all on the team!


Exciting! :D